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Strawberry Shortcake

A little bit of history...

One of the first things I remember trying to draw was my Strawberry Shortcake doll. As my collection grew, it soon became almost like a little ritual for me -- lining up my dolls with the correct pet and sitting down in front with my bucket of markers and paper. Although I had many children's books that I loved, I first began to understand what illustration was with my Strawberry Shortcake and Care Bears books. This is how I drew her when I was about six years old.

Many years later, I still love drawing these wonderful characters. I'm happy to say that I have artwork in collections from Australia to Canada! I have so much fun creating custom designs, especially for characters that were never produced, such as the Party Pleaser versions of Huckleberry Pie and Blueberry Muffin.

Do you have a favorite Strawberryland character? Or a great custom idea? Even a favorite color or scent can be the beginnings of your very own character! Let me help you bring your own character to life!


  1. Email your idea to me! Please use cmckay [at]
  2. Payment is due at the beginning of your commission. I accept Paypal and money orders. If you would like to split the payment, you can pay 50% for the sketch and the remaining 50% for the final artwork. Please let me know if you would like a Paypal invoice.
  3. After payment is received, I send you a pencil sketch of your idea to approve.
  4. Once you're happy with your pencil sketch, I'll create the color final.
  5. I'll scan the artwork, and make a digital signature for online forums, MySpace pages, etc. Then, I email it to you so you can have a “sneak peek”!
  6. I ship the original artwork to you in a flat US Priority Mail envelope.
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One character & one pet/critter
Two characters & two pet/critters
Three or more characters/small group scene
Existing Strawberryland characters

$161 (15% off)

$228 (20% off)
Custom/Original Concept/characters
$204 (15% off)
$288 (20% off)


  • I work on 9" by 12" Arches watercolor paper in watercolors, colored pencils, and chalk pastels.
  • The original artwork fits nicely in the 10" by 13" Lifestyles Matted Portrait Frames available at Michaels stores.
  • US Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation is $5.70 (USD).
  • International Priority Mail is $11.45 (USD). Delivery Confirmation is not available for International Priority Mail.
  • Payment must be made in United States currency (USD).
  • The characters' names are added digitally to the signatures. The original artwork can be personalized however your choose for no extra charge.
  • Questions? Please contact me at cmckay [at]!

Examples of existing characters
Banana Twirl with butterfly
Strawberry Shortcake & Huckleberry Pie
Lemon Meringue
Purple Pieman and Sour Grapes
Cherry Cuddler & Strawberry Shortcake
Brazilian Party Strawberry Shortcake
Angel Cake & Souffle
Little Rose & Little Violet
Little Rose
Raisin Cane & Durt
Berry Princess & Strawberrykin
Butter Cookie & Jelly Bear
Frappe the Frog
Custard, Pupcake, and Melonie Belle
Baby Needs a Name & Frappe
Plum Puddin' & Elderberry Owl
Baby Strawberry Shortcake & Custard
T.N. Honey
1991 Orange Blossom
Baby Strawberry Shortcake
Banana Twirl with braids
Tea Time Turtle & Jelly Bear
Coming soon!
Coming soon!

Examples of custom/original concept characters
Cherry Cuddler Berrkin
Apple Dumplin' Berrykin & Tea Time Turtle
Party Pleaser Huckleberry Pie & Pupcake
Party Pleaser Blueberry Muffin & Cheesecake
Mudslide Pie & Chocolate Brownie
T. N. Honey Berrykin
Banana Split
Cafe Ole Berrykin
Ginger Chai & Sadako with Frappe
Angel Cake Berrykin
Cotton Candy Kisses
Almond Tea Berrykin
Rainbow Cheesecake Berrykin & Chocolate Monkey
Mapletoast & Oatsmeal
Almond Tea Sweet Sleeper & Marza Panda
Alaskan Blueberry Princess & Cream Puff
Vanilla Twist Berrykin
LeeAnnapolitan Ice Cream Berrykin
Blackberry Jam & Aardvarkado
Pawpaw Pocketpie & Nellie Mayhaw
Cran-Becky Truffle & Caramel Candy
Carrot Cake & Pumpkin Pie
Cran-Becky Truffle on swing
Cherry Blossom Tea & Macaqueroon
Party Pleaser Lem & Ada
Mint Brownie & Lole Pop
Cafe Ole Berrykin
Chandler Puff & Baby Cakes
Clementine & Orangutangy

Mulberry Preserves

Fudge Marble & Roly-Poly
Coming soon!

Caroline McKay Illustration and Design
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